Dr. Shanthapriya is a far sighted educationist who has revolutionary ideas to improve the quality of education starting from primary level. He is an authentic speaker on technology and also avid writer on literature and science. His way of dealing with life events that comes across are exemplary.He has 19 years of experience in engineering education and is the founder of education trust Shreeguru Shikshana Prathistana, Udupi, Karnataka state, India.
Shanthapriya received his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from N I E, Mysore (University of Mysore) in 1987; M. Tech. in Production Engineering System 1 from N I E, Mysore (University of Mysore) in 1990; PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, N I E, Mysore (University of Mysore) in 1997.

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