Welcome to Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a core engineering discipline which includes material science, thermal engineering, CAD design, manufacturing, automation, machine tools, mechatronics, production of tools, machines, mechanical equipment, mechanism, manufacturing, operation and maintenance etc., Mechanical engineers have wide scope in engineering industries. B.Tech in mechanical engineering gives wide range of job opportunities in design, manufacturing, project management, marketing, product development, hardware and software, aviation, automobile industries. Department of Mechanical Engineering has been established in the year 2010, More than 100 students are successfully completed their course and working in engineering field.



  1. Evaporating Coolers
  2. Analysis & Case study of CNC under water Plasma Cutting Machine
  3. Trouble shooting of rotary equipment using vibration analysis
  4. Design of autofeed pneumatic vice
  5. Purification of exhaust gas in diesel engine
  6. Design of Sulphur Absorber Pressure vessel
  7. Design analysis of a medium pressure steam pipe network for a mineral treatment plant
  8. Grey water recycling
  9. Process planning for aluminium tube manufacturing operations
  10. Performance augmentation of compressed air system during plant shutdown
  11. Button operated magnetic gear shifting system
  12. Fabrication of Aqua silencer
  13. Fabrication of Vortex tube Refrigeneration system
  14. Water fuel engine
  15. Pneumatic sheet metal cutting machine
  16. Variable diameter pulley system
  17. Comparison of performance of Diesel engine using Diesel & Ethenol Diesel blend
  18. Modified 4-Wheel stearing system
  19. Fabrication of extraction of Bio-diesel from waste plastics
  20. Analysis of gas turbine to improve performance
  21. Design & fabrication of LPG powered 2-Wheeler
  22. Improving the performance of cooling tower through effective maintenance
  23. Design & Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler
  24. Feasibility testing of compressed air engine
  1. Basic Mechanical Engineering Workshop
  2. Fluid mechanics & Machines lab
  3. Thermal Engineering Lab
  4. Manufacturing Technology Lab I
  5. Manufacturing Technology Lab II
  6. Mechanical Engineering Lab
  7. Electrical & Electronics Lab
  8. Computer Aided Design Lab
  9. Computer Aided Analysis Lab