Welcome to Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles along with humanity in development of civilization and technology. It deals with civilization, knowledge of structures, material science, geography, geology, soil engineering, hydrology, environment, computer application, Construction technology, engineering mechanics etc.,. Civil Engineers have good scope in construction industries, water supply, development projects, environmental engineering, resource management, transport, oceanography, rural development, remote sensing, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, etc., Department of Civil Engineering has been established in the year 2010, More than hundred students are successfully completed their course and working in engineering field.



  1. Treatment & Re-Use Of Car Wash Waste Water
  2. Effect Of Electrolytes On Consistency Limits Of Clay
  3. Accident Studies And Its Remedy At Karyamkod.
  4. Effect Of Human Hair In Concrete Min.
  5. Design Of Microwave Steel Tower.
  6. Design Of RCC Overhead Storage Reservoir & Distribution System.
  7. Structural Design Of Ladies Hostel For SSNIT.
  8. Design Of Auditorium Building At Battathur.
  9. Design Of School Building At Bellur.Structural Design Of Hospital Building At Hosdurg.
  1. Material Testing Lab
  2. Geotechnical Engineering lab
  3. Transportation Engineering Lab
  4. Environmental Engineering Lab
  5. Concrete Lab
  6. Survey Lab